10 Ultimate Trends to Improve Your Workspace Environment

10 Ultimate Trends to Improve Your Workspace Environment

There is no reason to let your corporate culture stagnate. Without change, upkeep, or incentives, team motivation will drop faster than you could ever foresee. If it’s the same thing, day after day after day, your workforce is going to start seeing the place they work as a grey, emotionless void.

By being proactive and keeping your fingers on the pulse of your business, you can keep motivation, job satisfaction, and company loyalty at consistent highs.

Follow these trends to improve your workplace environment. Incorporating them will see current employees rejuvenated while attracting new, amazing talent.

1. Work Hour Flexibility is Key

Hard 9 to 5 days are becoming more and more uncommon these days. We all have busy lives which means work-life balance is a greater priority ever yet. Work hours that don’t allow for emergencies, breaks, errands, and other chaotic aspects of living do not attract talented employees. Every person is unique, each dealing with their own issues in their own ways in their own time. By giving up work hours that are set in stone for malleable ones, you reduce employee stress while increasing their job satisfaction and sense of loyalty towards the business.

2. Gym Memberships and Discounts

Everyone wants to go to the gym, but a lack of time or money often keeps people from actually going to one. If a full membership or discount were offered, either as a part of company benefits or as an incentive, employees may be motivated to reach sales targets, hit quotas, and other milestones.

An active workforce is a healthy, satisfied, and productive workforce. Just be sure to offer spaces for employees to freshen up after an afternoon of cardio. Healthy does not have to mean pungent.

3. Yoga Classes for All

Similar to the gym, yoga reduces stress and increases the level of employee fitness. The best results will come from on-site classes because it helps build an atmosphere of mindfulness, calm, and meditation. An hour after or before work gives employees the opportunity to enter and exit work relaxed.

4. Renovate Your Office Workspaces

A new coat of paint can be exactly what your office needs to increase team motivation, or to reinvigorate your corporate culture. Whether it’s adding new plants, opening the office space, or painting the walls a new color, a fresh change often boosts employee morale.

Want to know more about how workplace design impacts your company’s culture? Check out our in-depth article on just that, right here.

If you plan to implement some of our suggestions, a workspace redesign may be necessary. Don’t stress, it can be easy if you work with an experienced design company like ours.

5. Working as a Team Outside the Office

Team activities are important, but many employees are wary of them. Even if you don’t have a hidden agenda, they might be suspicious or worried about participating. Plus, a lot of the time such bonding exercises end up being boring. Instead, keep any such activities creative, fun, and organic. It doesn’t have to be some office mandated course that takes place an hour before lunch. It only needs to peak the interests of your workforce so that they actually care to join in.

6. Embrace Devices that Boost Productivity

Someone in your office is going to have a Fitbit, an app that tracks their tracks their calories, meditation music, an Apple watch, or some other piece of personal monitoring. They are using technology to better their physical and mental health, and it should not be discouraged. Whatever they are using to help themselves is only getting to keep them happier, healthier, and productive. Your company should encourage the use of such technology, perhaps even looking into ways to promote mindfulness and fitness throughout the office.

7. Fixed Work Hours

When people know that once they’ve left work they have actually left work, they stay motivated. No one wants to take their job with them when they go home. If your employees have families or are simply looking to alleviate stress, they need to be able to keep work and life separate. Restricting hours and enforcing fixed work times will maximize employee productivity while helping people to focus on work while at work.

8. Incorporate AI throughout the Workplace

AI is already impacting the workplace. Self-learning enterprise AI can gather data and grow their machine learning. Voice assistants like Alexa keep employees hands-free. New jobs are created as people teach others how to use AI. A wired, smart office fixes problems made by human error, reduces stress by taking away menial, time-consuming tasks from workers, and allows for data collection that’s impossible to match by human ability.

9. Create Purpose

Millennials like offices that have a sense of purpose. Since they will make up over thirty-six percent of the workforce by 2020, it’s time to start considering what will keep them happy, satisfied, and loyal to your company. Don’t lose out on prime talent because you thought a steady paycheck would be enough to keep them. They want more, and it’s up to you to provide it.

10. Professional Workplace Improvement

At Space Refinery, we know all about change and improvement. It’s what we do. Our goal is to create workspaces that are beautiful, that encourage creativity and promote great work from your employees. It’s all about improving your company culture and the atmosphere of your workplace environment. Corporate culture greatly affects team motivation and job satisfaction. We know how help you create the exact culture you need.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to get in touch with the Space Refinery team. We love design, and we’d love to answer any questions that you may have.

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