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BECI Brussels

BECI Brussels

BECI Brussels before Space Refinery workspace design and renovation BECI Brussels after Space Refinery workspace design and renovation


Who is BECI Brussels?

BECI stands for Brussels Enterprises Commerce & Industry. It’s a partnership between the Chamber of Commerce and the Union of Enterprises in Brussels. Together, they represent more than 35.000 companies in the Belgian capital, good for 65% of the total employment.

BECI’s mission is to foster business and entrepreneurship. To do so, they provide advice and training to companies, defend their interests, and help them to grow their network.

The challenge

BECI approached us to completely redesign their office. The old space was rather dark, the furniture outdated, and the team divided into different departments across the floor.

They needed a fresh, new environment that would better reflect their modern vision on business. It was also essential that the design would support new ways of working.

The outcome

Our objective was to transform the office into a bright and uplifting workspace. We drew inspiration from the strong connection between BECI and Brussels, and from their notable location – just footsteps away from the Sonian forest.

To celebrate the surroundings and the city life, we blurred the boundaries between the inside and the outside. New floor-to-ceiling windows were installed, and the whole design is themed around nature and human interactions.

All areas have been redesigned based on intentions and work activities, instead of departments. Each space has its own feel and is set up to cater to a different use.

For individual work, you can plug & play in the Control Room. Tucked away from the more dynamic parts of the workspace, it’s your go-to for focused work.

For desk work, you’re welcome to sit at the majestic table in the Jungle. This area is an extension of the green roof right outside the windows. From the organic shape of the table and its integrated plants to the floor coverings recalling grasslands, this area harnesses biophilic principles and brings the team together.

The Mossy Booths are as green as it gets too. With their walls covered with sound-absorbing, moss-like carpet, they’re the best place to make your calls.

Behind a hidden door, we built BECI’s Secret Library. Dimmed lighting, comfy seating, and more natural elements – it’s the team’s temple of deep work.

For meetings, head to the Boardroom. The neutral colors and luxurious textures inspire serenity and seriousness – great qualities for a space hosting summit meetings.

To collaborate, people will gather in the Agora. With its eye-catching tribune, this room is specifically designed for presentations, informal meetings, and brainstorms.

The kitchen is located in a corner of the office. The walls of the hallway leading to this area are intentionally curved to make the entry and circulation more graceful and inviting.

Last but not least, visitors (and team members alike) receive a warm welcome at the Plaza. The new experience was indeed designed with BECI’s visitors in mind.

This entry area is inspired by BECI’s identity and color palette. Welcoming and convivial, it is composed of two curved sofa-benches embraced by bespoke trellis partitions. And right between the benches, a coffee bar with self-served beverages.

No matter what your day looks like, this workspace offers a wide range of areas designed for specific tasks, each with a distinguished feel and equipment to ensure you’re set for success.

In the words of BECI’s team: the new workspace is inspiring, uplifting, and it doesn’t feel like a regular office. All in all, that makes it an excellent tool to help them foster business, entrepreneurship, and innovation in our beautiful city.

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