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EIT Food

Who is EIT Food?

EIT Food is a company that is committed to improving the food chain on all levels. They help to connect consumers with businesses, startups, and researchers throughout Europe, and actively fund startups they feel can innovate within the food sector. EIT Food is working to develop modernized and economically sustainable food initiatives that focus on health, access to quality food, and the environment.

The challenge

EIT Food was growing. Their previous office came pre-furnished, was split up into many different rooms, and stifled collaboration. It just wasn’t working anymore.

With a new office ready, it was time for a change. It was important for them to create a welcoming space that was pro-collaboration. They wanted the office to have the EIT Food spirit, to feel like home, and to be nothing like a typical office.

“The results exceeded our expectations. Our new workspace not only feels great, but fosters interaction, collaboration, and promotes creativity.” – EIT Food Team

EIT Food wanted their team to be part of the creative process. Surveys were passed around to see what ideas were most important to them.

The main requests for this project included:

  • Emphasizing the EIT Food brand and culture
  • Openness and collaboration
  • An environment full of light
  • Natural and green elements
  • Sustainability
  • Designing a unique office

We were tasked with bringing this ambitious dream to life in only three months, during a construction holiday.

The outcome

We used EIT Food’s brand colors – blue and green – as accents throughout the space. Drawing inspiration from EIT Food’s logo, a circular swing was installed to add a little playfulness to the space.

A wooden structure was built to establish a designated work area. This structure was a new approach to the open office concept. The cube structure was incorporated into the design to act as an impromptu meeting area. A green accent wall and moss art were used to tie in the company’s brand colors.

Sustainability is an important concept to EIT Food. We reused the large glass panes that that came with their new office, and saved them from the landfill by reinstalling them in private phone booths. This decision also helped the company stay on budget.

Collaboration is essential at EIT Food. The cafeteria space was designed with this in mind. We created a space where all team members could come and relax, chat about projects, meet, and celebrate. This space is multi-functional, it serves as a meeting room, a location for presentations, and a general happy area for the team to enjoy a cup of coffee.

Openness is great, but it can be distracting. We addressed this by installing dedicated private phone booths. These spaces feature EIT Food’s brand through the use of natural wood, earthy greens, and plants.

The original office had strong industrial features. EIT Food wanted a space that was bright and uplifting. We achieved this by bringing in natural wood that contrasted with the industrial elements to create an uplifting feel for this workspace. The large structure we built provided an open and airy environment. We emphasized EIT Food’s brand using strong accent colors that stood out against the natural wood, industrial ceiling, and overall white background.

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