EVPA before workspace redesign by Space Refinery EVPA after workspace redesign by Space Refinery

Who is EVPA?

The European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA) is a non profit organization based in Brussels, Belgium, that enables venture philanthropy and social investment across Europe and the world. They bring together a diverse community of investors and grantmakers and help them to learn from each other in their pursuit of deeper societal impact.

The challenge

EVPA’s team needed a space that would enable them to grow, provide enhanced functionality through meeting rooms and phone booths, and represent their social and environmental responsibility. As the space was to be shared with a sister philanthropic association, we also needed to make sure both teams would feel at home.

The outcome

Taking nature as a strong source of inspiration we designed the boardroom around a fantastic French oak table made by a local wood artisan. The chairs’ color was chosen to reflect the blue found in EVPA’s branding. We also included many plants (both real and prints) to open up the space and create a light feeling.

Like most organizations, EVPA also needed a space where they can do thier quiet work. With its library-like feel and no phone calls allowed, this room is the ideal spot for that. But we didn’t want it to feel closed off and isolated from the rest of the floor so we added windows to the interior walls adjacent to the open workspace.

The round tables of the meeting rooms were custom-made by the artisan that also created the board room table. The circular design was selected to encourage collaboration and promote team cohesion. In these two rooms, light grey accent walls were used to complement the natural theme of the workspace.

Ergonomics are important, and nothing quite compares to the health benefits of a height adjustable desk. These motorized desks allow EVPA’s team to sit and stand throughout the day. They’re also equipped with sound absorbing panels to improve the acoustics of this large open space.

Custom-made wood partitions were then added to the room to continue the natural and biophilic theme, and provide privacy while letting light pass through.

© pictures by Jonathan Ortegat – Playful Studio

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