Keyrock's office before Space Refinery

Keyrock's office after Space Refinery

Who is Keyrock?

Keyrock is a fintech (financial technology) scaleup based out of Brussels, Belgium. They support the growth of cryptocurrency markets by increasing their stability thanks to scalable, self-adaptive algorithmic technologies that democratize liquidity.

And they are also one of our first returning clients! We had already helped them with their workspace back in 2018, and they were so happy with that experience that they decided to hire us again for this project.

The challenge

Keyrock was rapidly outgrowing their 70m² office on Avenue Louise, so they started looking for a new space to call home. They found an office in an excellent location down the street, but with a major challenge: the space hadn’t been renovated for over a decade! Looking beyond the faded blue carpet, dropped office ceiling and fluorescent lights, Keyrock’s team saw potential: the large windows lining each side of the office, the industrial feel and the sought-after spaciousness – all excellent qualities to build on.

They contacted us to help them transform the outdated office into an inspiring, welcoming place where their team (that grew from 18 to 30 in the past year) can work, play, and grow further.

Efficiency is key for Keyrock, so they wanted the space to be functional. And they also take pride in being artists who constantly find innovative ways to refine the algorithms they develop. That resulted in the following request: the new space should feel like something in between a startup and a bank.

The outcome

The overall design is a modern take on corporate professionalism and adding some fun.

We designed the space with a lot of symmetry and equal spacing (lights, partition) for the formal, structured feeling.

The fun side is for example materialized by the woven vinyl flooring, which changes colors depending on the angle it is viewed from. The dynamic pattern and the cool name of the product (2tec2 – sounds like “tech”) made it a perfect match for Keyrock.

Keyrock operates in the volatile crypto markets, so they needed to have access to key financial information at all times. The solution to this challenge was to install a series of TVs in the middle of the office, making it easy for their teams to stay connected with the markets.

Between the kitchen and the workspace, we used our now renowned wood partitions which help to create the overall feeling of openness in the space while still separating two different areas. It also makes it possible to welcome visitors in the entry area while keeping the sensitive data out of their sight.

We created 2 meeting rooms in the front part of the office, one for meetings with clients and one for team collaboration. On the outside wall of these rooms, we hung the wooden Keyrock logo that we had initially created for their first office.

All these wooden elements help to make the space feel welcoming, which was an interesting challenge as the budget didn’t allow us to get rid of the dropped ceiling and fluorescent lighting.

When you have a whole team working in the same open space it is important that calls and talks don’t disturb anyone, so we built the meeting- and call rooms outside of the main workspace. This particular room is equipped with a desk counter at standing height, has natural light coming in through the windows, and the acoustic door makes it a perfect spot for focused work.

This big plant was brought from Keyrock’s previous office. Plants provide a strong contrast to the space’s neutral tones and also have health benefits.

Together, we were able to design and build this space in 4 months, and we are really happy that the team loves their new home. We wish them all the best!

© pictures by Thomas Noceto

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