Peter Lily & Manistal Coworking

Peter Lily & Manistal Coworking

Peter Lily & Manistal Coworking

Who is Peter Lily and Manistal Coworking?

Peter Lily and the Manistal Coworking space are located in Brussels, Belgium. Peter Lily provides human resources services, while Manistal is a dedicated coworking space.

The challenge

When owner Marjolaine first contacted us, she summarized her expectations in one word: Meraki.

Meraki is a modern Greek word used to describe doing something with soul, creativity, or love. In other words, putting a piece of yourself into whatever you are doing. She wanted us to design a workspace environment that enabled people to do just that.

Peter Lily eventually found an office that fit their needs. But there was one problem – it was too big for their company. That’s when Marjolaine decided to create Manistal, to help fill out the space.

Peter Lily contacted Space Refinery to help them create a space that was welcoming and stuck to the core values of meraki.

The outcome

The goal was to create an inspiring and welcoming workspace filled with natural light, openness, and a wholesome atmosphere that enable people to do their best work.

The cafeteria was designed to be a space that tied the entire community together. Peter Lily wanted their Manistal colleagues to feel at home and to be able to meet and eat as a group. The space is designed to incorporate lots of natural light. It features a custom bench spanning the entire wall, a reclaimed handmade oak table, and several stylish pendant lights.

The office needed to feel open and inviting from the first step off the elevator. The initial entrance to the office is the center point that divides Peter Lily and Manistal. This functional space includes a meeting room for events and a lounge area.

Meeting rooms are an important aspect of Peter Lily’s business. As an HR company, privacy is needed for meetings. The meeting rooms were kept simple and took advantage of the abundant natural light. Green plants were used to contrast against the white background and to bring in a touch of nature.

The cafeteria needed to be multi-functional. This space welcomes you to relax with a cup of coffee or to kick back with your friends through a game of Foosball. You can also work, eat your lunch, take in the scenery of Avenue Louise, and if you’re working late, watch the beautiful sunset.

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