Start it @KBC Antwerp

Start it @KBC Antwerp

Start it @KBC Antwerp

Who’s Start it @KBC?

Start It @KBC is the only no-strings-attached startup accelerator in Belgium. This means startup founders don’t have to pay any money or equity to follow their 1-year acceleration program and work from one of the 6 co-working hubs in the country. This enticing promise has already attracted 1500 founders from more than 30 industries, and every year hundreds of new startups continue to apply.

Drawing from the experience accumulated coaching 750+ startups, Start It also launched Start It X to help corporates innovate more & better, and boost intrapreneurship. The members of the program have access to the same co-working hubs as startups, which creates interesting synergies.

The story

Lode Uytterschaut, founder of both Start It and Start It X, is very close to the founders that join the program. He wants to make sure their needs are continuously met as they (and their business) grow.

With the help of his team, Lode made some key observations that led to this project:

  1. There’s a crucial need for more female founders in the startup world (and female leaders generally speaking). This calls for physical spaces that are designed to be more inclusive.
  2. Approximately 80% of the startups who join the acceleration program are already selling to customers. They need a work environment that looks professional and gives them credibility.
  3. Every year, more startups are applying to join the program, so more space is needed (maximizing people density in a work environment is rarely a good idea).

Space Refinery appeared to be the ideal partner for the project – specializing in smart work environments, with a unique ability to make people feel at home in their spaces, and a female-led, diverse team.

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