Ayming Belgium

Ayming Belgium

Ayming Belgium

Who is Ayming?

Ayming group is a team of experts in business performance spread across Europe, North America, and Asia. They focus on innovation, finance & taxes, and HR & operations.

The Belgian team is young & driven and built around strong values such as pragmatism, passion, and integrity.

The challenge

Ayming’s previous office building was going to be demolished, so they needed to move elsewhere. They found a promising space on the outskirts of Brussels but it was completely empty, requiring the help of workspace design experts.

We had to overcome 3 main challenges:

  1. Improve the experience. To arrive in the office, you needed to walk through a long, narrow, and dark corridor – not really enjoyable.
  2. Optimize the space. We had to fit an already large, growing team (and everything they would need) in a relatively tight space.
  3. Reflect the brand. Finally, to make the most out of this move, Ayming wanted a design that would inspire trust & reliability while still reflecting their creativity.

The outcome

Together with the team, we decided to make a distinction between 2 types of spaces.

First, rooms where people would focus or relax like the lounge and phone booths. There we created a warm and serene atmosphere with darker colors.

And second, rooms where people would connect like the kitchen and the open space. There you’ll be energized by the light and airy atmosphere.

To start off, we had to deal with the long & dark hallway – a matter of the utmost importance as the first impression will influence your perception of the rest of the space.

Therefore, we doubled down on the unusual aspect of this entry and decided to play with light to create an experience that would make the walk interesting and stick in people’s minds.

The kitchen was designed as a team space, with a light & airy atmosphere. It’s a great spot for lunches and special events, but the tribune seating on the left and the writable surface on the back of the sliding door also invite you to come here for collaborative work.

With a full length and width of the room opened to the outdoor, there’s plenty of natural light coming in which really helps you recharge your batteries during breaks.

The large open space had to accommodate 48 work spots, making it extremely important to provide enough visual and acoustic comfort.

To address this need while keeping the airy atmosphere of the area, we designed custom partitions with metal mesh backs. These partitions also integrate storages the team needed, and the planters create space for nature right in the middle of the space.

To separate the circulation area from the work stations, we created vertical and horizontal boundaries: the partitions, and the change in the carpet pattern.

Unlike the open space, meeting rooms have a calm feel thanks to their darker color palette. These serene areas are designed for deep analytical sessions and conversations.

Phone booths are also calm rooms designed for focused individual work, or phone conversations, of course. If the open space is a bit too lively for you, here’s your retreat.

Reflecting Ayming’s brand identity in our design was one of the three main challenges for this project. We accomplished it by using different hues of blue, their color.

Laurie, the CEO of Ayming Benelux sums it up best: their office is now totally representative of their brand and team.

We’re really delighted to have worked on this space with such an enthusiastic and driven group of people. #furthertogether!

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