87 Seconds

87 Seconds

87 Seconds

Who are 87 Seconds?

87 Seconds is a specialized video content agency that provides stunning video services to businesses of all sizes to use in their marketing campaigns.

The challenge

87 Seconds office is located in an old squash court. There was a lot of existing character, including the industrial backdrop. This space was missing a lot of functionality and cohesion. There was just too much going on.

As creatives, they had big plans for this space. They wanted to transform it into a stylish, hip location where they could work, relax, and have fun. Meetings are a big part of 87 Seconds’ business. It was important to create a space that captured their personality but provided the functionality they needed.

The outcome

We managed to accomplish a lot with a small budget. The kitchen was drastically improved by repainting it, adding new cabinets, and inspiring art. The black provides a strong backdrop to the natural wooden elements found throughout the kitchen.

This “chill room” was one of the first spaces we designed for the 87 Seconds team. They made it clear that they wanted a space to meet, relax, and hang out. 87 Seconds feels the best ideas take place away from the desk in a welcoming environment like this where creative freedom is encouraged.

The 87 Seconds’ office had a lot of original features like this fireplace. We painted the wall black to help it contrasts against the existing white fireplace. It also served as the perfect backdrop for brand-inspired artwork.

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