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Future Lab

Future Lab

Who is Future Lab?

Future Lab is a research and development lab that is focused on forward-thinking technologies, innovation, and providing businesses with budget-friendly R&D services. They truly believe in the idea that failure is the most important catalyst for improvement and innovation.

The challenge

Future Lab’s office was in need of a makeover. The previous company’s branding was too strong and distracting. Future Lab wanted to update the space and make it their own.

Innovation is an important part of Future Lab, and that’s what the design focused on.

The entire space was quickly transformed in less than one month.

The outcome

Future Lab stressed the importance of including writable surfaces into the design. Over 25 square meters of writable surfaces were installed throughout the office to allow the team to properly share ideas, further building on the idea that innovation only occurs through collaboration.

The Future Lab team wanted to have their very own jungle in the office. The fast-paced, dynamic environment at Future Lab is stressful, and plants were seen as a simple way to help them de-stress and relax. We took their request to heart and incorporated plants of all sizes into the design.

The atmosphere was lacking at Future Lab. We transformed this space by using pendant lights to fit in with the industrial theme, creating a certain level of ambiance where the team can come and meet, eat, and collaborate.

The entrance to Future Labs was kept simple. We added the company’s logo, some plants, and seating to make the space more welcoming. The plants help bring a lot of life to the industrial backdrop that dominates this workspace.

We repurposed key design items like this vintage bike, added some pillows, and a brand new sofa cover and voilà!  We created an entirely different atmosphere that was on budget, and on time.

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