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IPEC Europe

IPEC Europe before workspace redesign by Space Refinery

Space Refinery workspace design and build for IPEC Europe

Who is IPEC Europe?

The International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council (IPEC) Europe has one clear mission: quality excipients for medicines. They promote harmonized guidelines to create the appropriate quality and functionality standards to improve patient safety. As such, IPEC Europe brings producers, distributors and users of pharmaceutical excipients together in one place and allows them to share experiences and knowledge.

The challenge

IPEC Europe’s new space was empty. There was only one wall to create a meeting room and a very small, enclosed kitchen. We received the mission to transform the space, plan it smartly, and reflect the new branding of the company through colors and overall feel.

IPEC Europe needed a board room for 16 people, a closed office for the CEO, a small room for calls and collaborative work, a packing area, and an entry lounge. Finally, the kitchen had to be a room where the team could eat together and relax. All of that in 140m2.

The outcome

The entire design uses a lot of glass and see-through partitions to allow natural light to flow throughout the space. The wood and the plants help making the team feel at home by creating the peaceful and warm working environment that IPEC Europe had requested.

This small meeting room allows for light collaboration and to minimize distraction when employees need to make phone calls. The most prominent element is IPEC’s green accent wall. We also designed privacy stickers featuring icons from the new branding to separate this room from the work area.

All other elements were chosen to be simple to make sure the room would be a serene and inviting space for small meetings. The pendant light materializes that intention, with a minimalistic look and a touch of contrasting color.

The open work area features custom designed wood partitions. They combine every advantage of a wood partition such as privacy with light coming through and warmth of the natural material, with a distinctive v-shape pattern.

Each desk has a motorized height adjustment mechanism that can be controlled via an app. This allows team members to set two reference heights (for sitting and standing) and be regularly reminded to change position for health and productivity benefits.

It was important for the CEO to have an informal space inside her office for impromptu meetings with her team. To accomplish that, we created a space with comfy lounge furniture, decorated with artwork and plants. The wall’s accent color is brand inspired and was specifically chosen for it’s positive effect.

The existing enclosed kitchen went through a significant transformation. We opened up the space and redesigned the room to create one open kitchen/café space that can comfortably fit the whole team for lunch. It’s also a great extension to the board room for coffee breaks and quick brainstorming sessions at the beautiful glass board.

The board room is designed to be usable both for workshops, smaller meetings, and board events through the use of individual foldable tables on wheels and stackable chairs. To overcome the challenge of electricity wires lying around, we introduced pendant sockets from the ceiling. The end result is that no matter the setup there is a practical and elegant power source solution.

© pictures by Thomas Noceto – Playful Studio

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