Le Phare du Kanaal

Le Phare du Kanaal

Le Phare du Kanaal

Who is Le Phare du Kanaal?

Le Phare du Kanaal is a cafe and coworking space located in downtown Brussels, Belgium that features a nautical theme and a strong industrial look.

The challenge

Le Phare du Kanaal is both a cafe and a coworking space that’s heavily stylized around boats and sailing. They even go as far as calling their members sailors.

There was a community, it was very welcoming, but it wasn’t always reflected in the space. Le Phare du Kanaal wanted their workspace redesign to celebrate and nurture that community.

We made small improvements to the workspace that emphasized the brand, culture, and community that Le Phare du Kanaal had already built.

The outcome

One of the main inspirational forces at Le Phare du Kanaal is the idea of traveling. Maps, photos, and the idea of wanderlust express the idea of travel and bring a sense of adventure to the workspace.

A sense of community is important at Le Phare du Kanaal. We wanted to celebrate each sailor and their adventures through a community board. This board was built using IKEA’s trellis system that is found in the gardening section. The green plants help bring life and add some additional positivity to this welcoming space.

Who doesn’t love coffee? We added happiness to the space by introducing basic, yet efficient workspace improvements like this coffee bar. It was important for team members to have a place to chat and relax – and of course – drink coffee!

We created a simple standing desk add-on as an alternative to the sitting desks that existed in the workspace. Standing desks provide a lot of health benefits. Did you know they increase your blood flow, improve your posture, and boost your energy levels? It’s important that people have options in the workplace, and standing desks are a great way to add that variety.

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