Who is POM?

POM, which stands for Peace of Mind, is a software as a service (SaaS) company that has created an innovative way to pay invoices and receive payments. Their platform is designed to make the entire payment process a seamless experience.

The challenge

POM contacted us when they were ready to scale-up and find their own office. Their new office was a large room. POM wanted Space Refinery to find a way to create purposeful areas within the space, each with its own distinct features. They asked us to create a lounge, a work area, and a kitchen. It was important to POM that we transform this space to reflect their brand.

POM also had one other unique request. We had to accomplish this entire design without painting or drilling the walls.

The outcome

We had to get creative to find ways around the ban on painting and drilling. This beautiful world map was our answer. The map represented POM’s ambition to see their platform used worldwide. It was created using nothing but simple green tape.

POM was working with a shoestring budget and wanted to up-cycle and recycle wherever they could. We incorporated smart solutions to help them stay on budget. Recycled furniture was purchased and painted by the POM team to make it fit with the upscale architectural style of the office.

With limited space, we created a custom IKEA solution for the kitchen. A standing bar height table helps separate this space, providing a break from the kitchen and lounge area. The company’s green brand colors were painted on several pieces of furniture by the POM team themselves. The team was extremely proud of the outcome and their part in making it all happen.

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