Who is Questi?

Questi is an innovative software as a service (SaaS) company that aims to improve the educational experience for parents and children by providing teachers with the tools they need to educate their students better. They are heavily focused on improving the education quality that our children receive.

The challenge

The Questi team wanted to create a space that reflected their brand and company culture. Their old office came pre-furnished and had an all-white clinical feel, and they were looking for a serious change.

When Questi moved to a new office, they needed it to feel more like home. The new office had potential, but it felt too much like a normal office. The dropped ceiling tiles, fluorescent lights, and carpet would need to be incorporated into a new design to create that warm and welcoming feel.

As a SaaS company, Questi needed to find a way to separate their customer success and software development teams, without sacrificing team cohesion and collaboration.

The outcome

Developers often need quiet spaces to focus as they code. We decided to build a large bookshelf between the two teams, providing that much-needed privacy and some additional functionality.

We painted the back wall in a dark blue shade which made the yellow Questi logo stand out. These deeper tones were used to add a little vibrancy and playfulness to a space that was completely dominated by white.

The original office had many fluorescent lights in it. We removed these fluorescent lights where we could to improve the feel of the space through the addition of pendant lights and wall lights. These lights were added to create a natural environment that felt less traditional, and more welcoming for the Questi team.

Questi’s software is designed for primary teachers and their students. It was important for them to stay true to their roots. This custom-curated art wall was inspired by the spirit of Questi and what they are trying to achieve. You will not find an art wall like this in any other boardroom.

Many plants were added to create an uplifting and welcoming atmosphere. Our little green friends bring many benefits to the workspace, including reduced stress, clean air, and boosted creativity.

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