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Sci Tech Lab

Who is Sci Tech Lab?

Sci Tech Lab is an incubator that is working to develop the next generation of innovative tech startups.

The challenge

The Sci Tech Lab team wanted to create an innovative and professional space that was also welcoming. Their office was based out of a temporary structure featuring white walls, fluorescent lights, and grey linoleum floor. We had to accomplish this transformation without touching the floors, walls, or ceilings.

It took some creative ingenuity, but we made it all happen, and we are proud of the outcome.

The outcome

It took some creativity to transform an office without being able to touch the floors, walls, or ceilings. Despite these restrictions, Sci Tech Lab still wanted the space to be welcoming and inspiring. We used attachable wall panels that brought in natural textures, allowed us to emphasize the brand colors, and enabled us to decorate the space with art.

The original office had no storage and color at all. While this closet is a coat closet, we painted the walls blue and used plants to add some much-needed color to this space. A special writable surface paint was used in this area to create a space for collaboration.

A custom bench was built to help separate the cafeteria and the presentation area located in front of the bench. This presentation area is the first thing you see when you enter the office. It’s an important part of the Sci Tech Lab workspace as it’s the primary place where startup pitches and large meetings occur.

Every office needs a little privacy. This acoustically-sound booth was placed to do just that. It quickly became the Sci Tech Lab team’s go-to place for impromptu meetings. It’s also the ideal location for hyper-focused work where quiet is needed.

We designed and built the kitchen following Sci Tech Lab’s desire to have a spot where they could relax, eat, and discuss. The entire kitchen was free-standing and based on a minimalist design. We incorporated the company’s brand blue to add some variety to this space. Wood elements were used to make the space more welcoming.

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