T & B Verzekeringen

T & B Verzekeringen

T&B Verzekeringen

Who is T&B?

T&B is a locally-focused insurance business based in Temse and Bazel. They provide insurance to private corporations, self-employed individuals, and individuals. This includes car, family, supplementary pension, and liability insurance products.

The challenge

T&B reached out to us looking for a thorough make-over for their two offices. Their original office was outdated, dark, and felt too corporate. T&B needed to accommodate the growth of their team, update the overall look of their workspace, and create a more functional and welcoming atmosphere.

T&B needed to create space for an extra person, wanted additional storage capacity, and to add some functionality.

It was important for the T&B team to maintain a sense of privacy while allowing the natural light to flow through the entire space.

The outcome

As an insurance company, T&B didn’t want a flashy design. Instead, they were looking for something simple, yet elegant. Blue chairs that reflected the brand color were used to accent against the other features found throughout the workspace. Natural oak was chosen to create a warm and welcoming environment.

T&B needed to create a space to seat an extra person. Metal mesh was our solution to that problem. We wanted to create privacy and an organization system for each team member without blocking the flow of natural light.

The original space had several exposed columns, pipes, and radiators. We managed to hide all of those things behind a niche wall that blends decor and functionality. The niche wall contains storage, a large printer, and serves as an art wall.

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