Who is Ubeeqo?

Ubeeqo is a car-sharing service that helps individuals travel faster, more efficiently, and as cheaply as possible.

The challenge

Ubeeqo was looking to move out of their coworking space and into their first office. They wanted to create a work environment that was funky, fun, and creative. But the office they chose was a typical corporate space. It featured dropped ceilings, square fluorescent lights, and carpets.

That meant we had to transform this incompatible space into something that fit the Ubeeqo design vision.

The outcome

Ubeeqo believes in sustainability and individuality. The Ubeeqo team consists of coders and customer success representatives. Coders need quiet to focus, while customer success reps are constantly on the phone. We built a cornered-off section of the office using up-cycled wood and windows. This space became the home for the customer support reps.

Who doesn’t love pendant lights? We do, especially when it means we can remove fluorescent lights. These pendant lights enriched the atmosphere of this workspace by adding color and character.

Ubeeqo is part of the sharing economy, so the idea of community is important to them. This space is located in the heart of the office with workstations on both sides of the table that face the communal area. The large table in the center represents this idea of sharing, allowing for meetings, flex work, and celebrations.

Ubeeqo wanted their workspace to have a private area for their team members to make calls. We added some artistic flair by painting graphics on these up-cycled doors that were sourced from a second-hand building supplies vendor.

This space used to be an empty corner of the office. We transformed it into a multi-functional kitchen, cafeteria, and meeting room. Pendant lights and an upcycled wooden table define the atmosphere of this room, while the writable wall surface promotes collaboration and the sharing of ideas.

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