Who is V-Bio?

V-Bio Ventures is a company that finds, builds, and finances young, innovative companies with ambitions in the life sciences arena.

The challenge

When we first started working on this project, the space had strong architectural features like ceiling beams, several columns, and an irregular floor plan. Even with the space empty, it already looked and felt quite busy.

We were tasked with creating a space that was both serene and welcoming, and one where V-Bio Venture’s team could feel at home.

The outcome

It all started with intelligent space planning. Because the space had an irregular floor plan, we had to come up with innovative ways to transform the space to meet the client’s design requirements. Natural light wood planks and white color walls were selected to create that serene feeling that V-Bio was looking for.

V-Bio wanted a semi-open workspace that allowed for privacy without actually separating the team. Special wooden partitions that enclosed the individual workspaces were built. Each team member has their own adjustable standing desk and a personal storage unit right behind them. Acoustic panels were also used in front of the desks to improve the acoustics in the office and to offer some visual privacy.

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, so we decided to bring that motto to the office. Minimalism was the name of the game for this design. Light wood and a white color palette were used to create that sense of calmness that V-Bio wanted.

The V-Bio team is typically focused on research. The phone booths are there to allow their team members to make business calls whenever needed without disturbing the other team members working in the open space.


V-Bio’s brand colors are blue and green. These colors were included throughout the design using plants and furniture. Plants were placed around the office for the health benefits and positive energy they provide to the workspace.

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